What is #TDKtuesdays?

Sick of the same classmates and being in a design bubble? Want to meet creative directors but no idea where? Fancy some new design friends or want to add some cooler design stuff to your social life? We hold monthly meetups called #TDKtuesdays around the world the first Tuesday of the month.

We’ve decided here at The Design Kids HQ that there is waaaay too much emailing and not enough socialising. So roll on #TDKtuesdays, where every first Tuesday of the month our fabulous city hosts organise a space to hang out, have a beer and encourage anyone interested to come along! Some of the highlights from previous years include multiple job opportunities, book swaps, team camping holidays, internships, collaborations, new friendships and group shows. It's a great place for design students, graduates and professionals to meet other design students, graduates and professionals, talk some shit, swap notes, get involved and just generally build a bigger and better design community in their cities. If you are shy and “networking” (dirty word) is hard, this is a easy place to start. Grab a friend and come say hi!

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Amsterdam | Zlil Busnach

Hey, I’m Zlil, originally from Tel Aviv, and living in the past two years in the Netherlands. I graduated as a designer and educator in Tel Aviv, and then did my master in arts and society at Utrecht University. I love to combine human interaction in my designs and to bring ppl together. That’s why I love TDK, it gives me the chance to meet with awesome design studios and designers, and to meet diverse creatives from all over the world. Join our next #TDKtuesdays to discover Amsterdam’s design scene!

Instagram: @Zlil.Busnach


Auckland | Janelle Baptist

Hey gang, I'm baaack! Hot off the heels of my North American stint, I'm currently teaching Design part time and looking for more ways to get involved and give back the design community :) As a Graphic Design and Photography graduate, I love being a part of TDK because it's something I wish I'd had when I was studying - plus, I love helping people and sharing what I've learnt! #TDKtuesdays AKL is a great opportunity to break out of that uni student bubble, practice your socializing skills and even learn some new things - so come on down, say hi and chill out with us!

Instagram: @escapedfragments


Austin | Isa D'Aniello

Hi, I'm Isa (rhymes with Pizza!). I'm a rare Austin native, keeping my city weird through the arts. After graduating from the University's of Texas' Advertising program, I headed to New York where I worked at BuzzFeed for 3 years. Upon returning to Austin, I ditched advertising and threw myself into the design scene, freelancing almost everywhere and teaching Hand Lettering workshops around town. I currently work full-time as a designer for Alamo Drafthouse Corporate and absolutely loooove my job. I'm looking forward to meeting and connecting fellow designers at #TDKtuesdays, talking shop and arguing about Austin's best tacos!

Instagram: @isadaniello


Berlin | Jessie Sanbrook

Hey there! I’m Jessie a super curious human, obsessed with design and all things bright and colourful. Originally hailing from Melbourne, I’ve been on a tour of the globe living in France, Spain and finally settling in Berlin as a full-time Graphic Designer / Illustrator. I can be found drinking coffee and curating events around Berlin. Nerding out on type design, illustration and gradients is possibly one of my favourite things to do. I’m super passionate about TDK and the magic that can come from this network - so come to one of our events, say hi and let’s chat! P.s I’m always available for gifted coffee/beer 😜

Instagram: @jessie_sanbrook


Bern | Nora Heeb

Hi you bunch of creatives! I’m Nora, a freelance Illustrator, graphic- and motion designer. I studied graphic design in Biel, worked for different companies in fields like corporate design, web design and exhibition design and finished my one-year motion design education in Stockholm, Sweden this year. Now I’m back in beautiful Bern and ready to help your networking, sharing knowledge and support you, to make things happen! At #TDKtuesdays we can enjoy some drinks and share experiences, listen to industry speakers, have workshops, events, excursions -- whatever you like! Ready to dig into the rabbit hole of design with me and meet other students, professionals and make some new friends?!

Instagram: @nora.heeb


Bogotá | Juliana Lascano & Lully Duque

Hi There! I'm Lully, a 25-year-old graphic designer from Bogotá, Colombia. I have a background of 4 years in branding and print, but my biggest love is experimental typography. Thanks to that obsession, I co-founded, with my best friend, the art collective Type of Tape (It is an urban art project that combines our typographic enthusiasm and tape art to create unique installations). All of this was possible because Bogotá is a city full of a contagious creative energy and #TDKtuesdays give us the opportunity to meet all the talented people around! Come, say hi, and let's chat! Hii I'm Juliana, but you can call me Juli! I'm a Graphic Designer from Bogotá Colombia. Currently working at the Ministry of The Interior, doing social design and learning day by day from our Colombian minority communities. I love photography, illustration and packaging design. You can always find me looking for new places in Colombia to share experiences and food with my friends. Fan of TDK from a long time ago, and right now happy to be part of this lovely group, Hope that I can help you with anything at our #TDKtuesdays.

Instagram: @julianalascano, @lullein


Brisbane | Shyanne Trutwein & Lynn Onapa

Hey guys! I’m Shyanne aka Shy, a Brisbane based Designer and Illustrator. I’m passionate about all things design, but am especially interested in designing for a better world and the overlap of design, art and music. You can catch me in my “free time” probably doing something design orientated, visiting my fave record stores, eating a burger or watching a gig. I believe my love for design kicked off at around age 5 when I got my first computer and discovered Kid Pix. I’m super stoked to be apart of TDK, let’s make cool stuff happen in Brisbane! Brissy!! What is up?! Lynn here! Can I just say how honoured I am to live in such an amazing city with so much potential! It honestly excites me so much to be a part of it all. I am an Interior Design student at Griffith eager to get in and amongst it all! TDK - Brisbane is what you want it to be, so let's collaborate, dream MASSIVE and take it to new heights! I will see you at the next meet up beautiful people!

Instagram: @shyannetrutwein, @lynn.onapa


Brussels | Jacob McPherson

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Jacob received a Master of Arts and Society from Utrecht University, and Bachelor of Marketing Communication at Columbia College Chicago where he also studied industrial design. As a content producer, he’s worked for companies like YouTube, Google Play, and Havas Worldwide, and runs an agency, Cement, and associated blog, Cement Magazine. With music as one of his biggest passions, he loves interdisciplinary collaborations –, particularly between fashion, art, and technology.

Instagram: @cementmag

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires | Mayte Pell

Hola! My name is Mayte and I'm a graphic designer living and working in Buenos Aires. I've lived in Miami and briefly in New York where I studied design at Shillington, and now I freelance from my hometown and travel every chance I get! I'm a vegetarian who loves meeting people, going out and discovering all the new secret spots in town. I'm super excited to be a part of TDK in my city :D

Instagram: @maytepell


Canberra | Elizabeth Flora

Hey there Canberra! My name is Elizabeth and I am thrilled to be your city host. While studying design, I fell in love with developing concepts and using creative problem solving in visual communication. I have gone to TDK on and off for the past three years and it has made me a much better designer because you meet people who share your experiences and offer constructive advice. In 2017, I was the graphic design student leader for the University of Canberra End of Year Exhibition and I saw first-hand the amazing designers (both students and studios) that our city has nurtured, inspiring me to become more involved and to develop upon the bridge between design students and industry. As the Canberra City Host, I will be encouraging a strong and social network where we can learn from each other, develop our skills and grow our community.

Instagram: @elizabethflora_creative

Cape Town

Cape Town | Robyn Mirkin

Hi there! I'm Robyn and I have a steadfast passion for the design world and everything it has to offer. I am currently in my second year of studies towards a degree in Graphic Design, at the Inscape Design College in Cape Town. I'm an absolute enthusiast and have an optimistic view towards life. I love people, art galleries, food, pugs, pigs and anything artsy, and I am so excited for what TDK is going to do in Cape Town!

Instagram: @robyn_mirkin


Chicago | Regan Carey

Hi there, I’m Regan! Since graduating from DePaul University’s design program in 2015, I’ve been committed to finding ways to use design to help others. I’m on the design team at Event360, an event management company that creates amazing events for non-profits, and I’m also the co-event chair for AIGA Chicago’s Design for Good initiative. In my spare time, I dabble in knitting, pottery, bookbinding, cooking, and exploring this city in a garden. The freshest spot to talk design, discover ideas, and make friends is at our next #TDKtuesdays event—and you’re not going to want to miss it!

Instagram: @regancarey


Christchurch | Kate Darby

Kia Ora, I'm Kate! I'm a recent grad from Massey University in Wellington, but I'm back in my hometown of Christchurch these days, and keen to get more of a design community going down here. I'm the founder of a startup called Dovetail X which I'm building to enable designers find other creatives to collaborate with. I also do a lot of freelance branding, web, and graphic design work for a range of big and small clients.When I'm not furiously googling why my code broke or sketching logos, I can be found adventuring around Canterbury, trying to discover Christchurch's next best brunch spot, or watching a TED talk.I'm excited to bring the design community of Christchurch together for #TDKtuesdays to hangout, collaborate, bounce ideas round, and uncover all the cool opportunities Christchurch has to offer for young designers. Looking forward to seeing you all first Tuesday of each month!

Instagram: @katedarby_


Copenhagen | Wiktorija Marszalek

Hej you! I am Wiktorija / Vika passionate about design expat living in wonderful Copenhagen. As a professional, I work with Graphic & Digital Design and Illustrations. Furthermore, I am a foodie, like to play with photography, travel and explore. I am looking forward to meeting you and bringing all the design-lovers in Copenhagen together!

Instagram: @w.withpassion


Denver | Adrienne Johnson

Hi I’m Adrienne! A University of Florida Alum with a BFA in Graphic Design and a BS in Advertising, I’m currently a communication designer at Maxar Technologies designing for commercial space technology brands. When I’m not moonlighting or engaging with the design community, you can find me hiking or camping, planning my next big trip, or speeding through sitcoms while learning new software or illustrating. TDK Denver is growing every day, and I’m so excited to be a design advocate and conduit for this amazing community. Let’s inspire one other, and learn and grow together!

Instagram: @adrienneivers


Dubai | Myriam Arab

Hello! Marhaba! I’m Myriam, a graphic designer from Beirut (the capital of a tiny country called Lebanon), currently working and living in Dubai. I’ve spent most of my life as an expat in the GCC, which allowed me to meet, befriend and learn from people from all over the world. Over the past few years, I’ve worked as a designer in the film and publishing industries, but have recently ventured into the branding realm. When I’m not working, you’ll find me planning my day around food (#foreverhungry), scrolling through dog photos and organizing my next trip. I’m excited to be your host in Dubai, let’s bring the design community together!

Instagram: @myriamarab


Dublin | Zie Kirk

Hello hello, I’m Zie from Dublin and I recently finished my course in Visual Communications. After all these years I should know what I want to specialise in, right? Nope! All I know is that I’m excited to work, contribute and explore within the design community. I’m currently developing a project called All Work Now Play that aims to cultivate a stronger student designer community. When I’m not at my computer doing creative work, I’m probably swooning over cute puppers, or binging on other visual material cough Netflix. Join me at TDK Tuesdays to chat about all things design, your woes, goals and everything in between. I look forward to meeting you all.

Instagram: @ziekirk


Dunedin | Craig Scott

I’m Craig, and I am Head of Design at Otago Museum in Dunedin. I studied Communication Design at Otago Polytechnic, graduating in 2009. Dunedin has tonnes of up and coming and established talent, so it was a no brainer to put my hand up to make #TDKtuesdays happen here. It’s really exciting to have a forum to exchange plans, triumphs and failures between students, grads and industry. I look forward to seeing the magic that monthly meet-ups can make happen!

Instagram: @cra1gsc0tt


Edinburgh | Ben Whiting

Hey folks! I'm Ben, a 22 year old designer looking to make waves and other catchy buzzwords within the industry. I'm absolutely over the moon to be the Edinburgh host for the awesome bunch at TDK, and can't wait to find a troupe of inspiring superhuman students & graduates in the city and start kicking some ass. As for a bit about me I spent most of my early life in or around a pub because, curve ball incoming, my dad is a pub landlord - which you would think would come with a whole wealth of knowledge and anecdotes, but all I've really got to show for it that I'm pretty good at pub quiz names. My love for graphic design really got started when I created the horrendous love child of terribly written articles and Corel Draw (remember that?) which turned into the first ever school magazine at my high school, from there my brain did a Shia Labeouf and told me to "Just do it". Jumping on, I graduated from University back in 2017 and have since been throwing myself into the creative industry like you did into that crowd back at the S-Club 7 gig in Freshers Week. Now I'm looking forward to forming a community of braw buddies to create something real, tangible and purposeful for young creatives here.

Instagram: @the_orange_fish


Glasgow | Jonny Mowat

Hi! I’m Jonny, a 23 year old designer and illustrator, recently graduated into the big, juicy world of creative employment. The path that has led me to be actively pursuing a career in design/illustration/creativity in general, has been an odd one. When I started university, I did two years of mathematics with computing science, then had a quarter-life crisis about how boring that was and how fun it was making stuff for people. Instead of jumping ship and studying graphic design, I semi-jumped my half-ship and switched to Product Design Engineering. I continued to lean firmly towards the design part of the course as it felt euphoric compared to power electronics lectures, and committed to teaching myself as much as I could in my evenings and weekends. Now I’ve graduated and I’m working as a designer, and I’ve told you all this so that you know I haven’t really got a clue what I’m doing and that’s why I wanted to help set up The Design Kids in Glasgow, which will hopefully give at least a wee bit of guidance to people floundering around in the early years of their career like I have been. I also like films/doughnuts/skateboards/disco.

Instagram: @jmowatstuff

Gold Coast

Gold Coast | Dave Lydiard

Yo! My name is Dave and I am the Studio Manager / Designer at Oven Creative in Surfers Paradise. I’m all about expressing personality and character as simply as possible, whether it be through design, copy, composition or a combination of the three.#TDKTuesdays are back in 2017 and we’re ready to bring the fire AND drop some bombs! We’re talking industry speakers, excursions, beer, food, events and most important of all – networking, where you’ll potentially meet your future employer/ business partner/ best friend/ lover!#TDKTuesdays on the GC provide an environment for students, new grads and those working in the industry to talk shop, share ideas, collaborate and build a stronger design community for the region. Be there or be square!

Instagram: @dave_lydiard


Istanbul | Samime Çağlar

Merhaba from İstanbul! I am Samime, studying Communication Design at Özyeğin University. I have always been amazed by the power of visual communication. When I got into our department, I was just super excited and was totally clueless about what I was getting into. Then everything has started, teachers have started filling our minds with tonnes of different topics and made us learn and improve different skills. After all of these, now I am even more clueless about what to choose to do in the future. The idea of being İstanbul City host is thrilling, and I am so lucky that I will be meeting and spending time with you all. Message me Instagram about anything related to design, design history, old splendid structures, photography, exploring İstanbul etc. Let's keep in touch, meet at different beautiful parts of İstanbul every month, share ideas, works etc. and create something precious and watch how it is growing together!

Instagram: @samimecaglar


Lima | Eduardo Roncal & Lucia Baertl

Hello, Lima! We are Eduardo and Lucia from Tintógrafo Estudio and we are so happy to be your city hosts! At Tintógrafo we have fun while developing visual identity, art direction and random design/art projects that lead us into the unknown (we call them ´Pandora projects´ and we love ‘em!). We believe in making possible the impossible and we are looking forward to push a young talent community of designers. #TDKtuesdays Lima will have our experimental flavor, drinks, portfolio reviews, workshops, secret design challenges and the chance to meet new people and designers from our city! Welcome to the gang!

Instagram: @tintografo


London | Denise Chippindale

Hey I’m Denise but you can call me Chip! Originally from Sydney, I've just moved to London to work as Marketing Manager at General Assembly. I love TDK because I get to meet and hang out with some of the most talented creatives around. Come share in free popcorn and a cider (or two or three) and lets chat!

Instagram: @dedechip


Manila | Regina Suarez

Hi, I'm Regina! I'm a 20-something-year-old self-proclaimed multidisciplinary designer from Manila, Philippines. I have a degree in Architecture, but have love and appreciation for designing other than just buildings. Aside from practicing architecture and doing freelance design work, I involve myself in creating events specifically to support local artists in Manila, whether they be visual, poetry or music. I can't wait to meet more inspiring people and I hope to see you at #TDKtuesdays!

Instagram: @helloreginasuarez


Melbourne | Laura Schweiger

Hey everyone, my name’s Laura. Originally from the south of Germany, I moved to Melbourne to do my masters in Comm Design at RMIT. After graduating, I co-started my own studio Sometimes Lucky with two fellow amazing designers, and also do some freelance work on the side. I’m super excited to be part of the fabulous TDK team, meet awesome new people, make crazy ideas happen and connect with the extraordinary design scene in Melbourne!

Instagram: @laura_schweiger

Mexico City

Mexico City | Tania Varela Sarfati

Hola! This is Tania from Mexico City (born and raised), as a recent interior design graduate I moved to Tel-Aviv as a design intern where I discovered a passion for graphic design. Currently I'm back in Mexico City (Design Capital for 2018) studying creative coding for design. I'm overly excited to be a part of TDK, and I'm looking forward to meeting amazing creative people and to bring the design community closer than ever. See you next Tuesday at #TDKtuesdays :)

Instagram: @taniavarelas


Milwaukee | Ashley Sternberg

Hello Milwaukee! I’m Ashley, a December 2016 graduate of the design and visual communication program at UW-Milwaukee and a current design intern at Summerfest for their 50th edition celebration. Outside of work, you can find me attending various events in the design community around Milwaukee, volunteering with the wonderful mentors and students of Islands of Brilliance, or developing my app with the Student Startup Challenge at UWM. Since moving to Milwaukee in 2011, I’ve fallen in love with the city's creative energy and I truly believe that Milwaukee is on the cusp of becoming one of the most vibrant cultural hubs of the Midwest. I’m excited to play a role in continuing to grow and connect Milwaukee’s design community through TDK!

Instagram: @ashu.desu


Newcastle | Bronte McKell

Hey Newy friends! I’m Bronte, a third year Visual Communication Design student. I made the (best) decision to move here three years ago and I am still bloody chuffed that I get to call this groovy place home! When I’m not staring at the mountain of uni work I have to do, I’m working part time as an in-house designer for a startup. My hobbies include pizza + beer + puppers + making people happy + lots of other fun things. If you’re passionate about design and want to meet other enthusiastic kids, come and join us at our monthly #TDKTuesdays event!

Instagram: @brontemckell


NYC | John Francis

Hi! My name is John Francis, and I currently work for Cosmopolitan.com as a designer in NYC. Hailing from Chicago, where I got my BFA in Graphic Design at DePaul University, I have also begun and led my own design (side) business as Co-Founder and Head of Design. Whenever I am not working (or binging Netflix), I am expanding my craft (such as practicing calligraphy, perfecting my illustration style, and shooting photography.) Looking forward to meeting you all!

Instagram: @jrussellf


Perth | Rachel Thwaites

Hello. I’m Rachel. I recently graduated from Edith Cowan University in Perth studying graphic design and animation! I’ve done a bit of my own freelancing as well as dabbling in a few studios part time and casually. I'm now working at Juicebox in the creative team and loving it! I like lots of things… like illustration, motion graphics, painting, wine, architecture, travelling and taking photos, 3D design and doodling. Lots of silly doodling. Sometimes I can’t decide what I like the most. I started going along to TDK ‘cos I had no idea what the heck I was doing. Meeting some fellow creatives, graduates and other people in the industry made me feel like it was all going to be okay. In fact, it made me feel like it was going to be swell! Come hang on Tuesdays if you wanna make some design friends, learn some things, and feel all warm and creative and fuzzy too.

Instagram: @am_i_rt


Porto | Ricardo Dantas

Hello! My name is Ricardo and I'm a partner at Itemzero studio, at Tipos das Letras type foundry, a teacher at ESAD.CR, and also a freelance typographic consultant. I moved from Lisbon to Porto 2 years ago and I've already met so many people and been involved in so many fun and interesting projects. Porto design scene is great and packed and I want to meet you all so we can exchange experiences and make it an even better city for you to accomplish your career goals. Let's meet at #TDKtuesdays, it's the perfect place for students and new grads to get to know creatives already in the market, to ask questions, mingle and even collaborate, everything can happen, don't miss it!

Instagram: @dantas_type

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro | Beatriz Camargo

Olá! I’m Beatriz, but you can call me Bia. I started my graphic design studies in PUC - Rio and later moved to Central Saint Martins to complete my BA. Since I moved to London, my greatest desire was to absorb as much creativity and design skills as possible to spread around Brazil once I returned home. While at uni, I’ve experimented with many different processes and practices such as screen printing, etching, woodcut, letterpress, typography and photography. Although I’m trained as a visual designer, I’ve recently been expanding my UX design skills during my time in London and would love to share some of my learnings if you are interested. I’m looking forward to becoming the first Rio city host and am excited to start building a network with Rio’s creative minds!

Instagram: @outandabout_art


Rotterdam | Daniel Dittmar

Hoi! My name is Daniel, I’m a graphic designer and art director working in the world of branding via my own little creative studio. Hailing originally from Sydney, I’ve worn many hats over the last few years; amongst them art curation, magazine lead, university lecturer, global art director… and now TDK host! I’ve been in the Netherlands now for 2 years (after a 4 year spell in Berlin), and have just moved to Rotterdam. This city has already given me so much creative energy, and I hope to channel that into a variety of inspiring events where we can learn from each other and contribute to the already fantastic creative undercurrent that Rotterdam offers. I look forward to meeting you all in the near future!

Instagram: @dittmar

San Diego

San Diego | Summer Williams

Hi! I'm Summer! I'm a graphic design student at San Diego State University. I hope to do front end web development when I graduate. Right now I work from home for a social media agency as a graphic designer. I get inspired by everything I encounter and I'm constantly looking for problems to solve in a creative, new way. I really enjoy being involved in the creative community so I'm super excited to be a TDK city host! I'm always on the hunt for cool events in our community to go to (I put them in our TDK event calendar, so keep an eye on that!). Looking forward to meeting you at our next event! PS... If you haven't read Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic, you need to. It is a fantastic read for anyone who wants to live creatively.

Instagram: @summerwilliamsdesign

San Francisco

San Francisco | Nikky Keavy

Hi, I’m Nikola, an art director and Aussie expat living in San Francisco. I have a background in branding and print, and a love-affair with all things type. I spend my days working with the smart people at Campaign Monitor. And at nights I'm eating my way through San Francisco and nerding-out on typography at design events.

Instagram: @nixykeavy

São Paulo

São Paulo | Luis Eduardo Andreotti

I’m Luis, but you can call me Dudu :) I’m a small town boy living in São Paulo, with a background in management and product design. I’m currently working in my own studio - @de.designstuff and also giving a hand for another's creative studios in town. Crazy about surfing in the world of branding and management I’m also looking for more ways to get involved into design community. Out of design world you can normally catch me at gigs, libraries, drinking coffee around and trying to don’t get bored. I'm super excited to run #TDKtuesdays where we can share experiences, have workshops, visit exhibitions or just have some pint, whatever you like guys! Come on down and meet the crew!

Instagram: @duduandreotti


Seattle | Liliana Rasmussen

Hi! I'm Liliana, and I'm studying Industrial Design at the University of Washington in Seattle. I love both 2D and 3D design, and I hope to be able to work with and merge both. I love plants, pasta, art, travel, activism, and spending time with my friends. I'm super excited to be joining the TDK fam, and I can't wait to host some dope #TDKtuesdays events!

Instagram: @_lili_llama_


Seoul | Yoonyoung Jung

Hiya, I'm Yoonyoung Jung (Jamie), a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins with a degree in BA Graphic design. My absolute love for raw aesthetic beauty has drawn me to create something visually appealing with my own hands. Over the course of my education, I gained immense interest in how to combine beauty with function in a social context. Being surrounded by design, I think it has become ‘experiences’ we live and breathe in. The big impact that comes from positive changes created by design continuously arouses me to communicate with the world in visual media & observe how it's done vice versa. Now back in the motherland, I'm extremely excited to be a part of the TDK fam and connect with likeminded creatives passionate about design. Looking forward to meeting you all!



Singapore | Syada Yunos

Hey everybody! I am Syada, I am an aspiring illustrator & graphic designer from Singapore. A mood and music collector. I love anything and everything illustration down to video collaging and even 2d animation. I recently graduated in Graphic Communication from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. My growing passion for quirky and colourful design is always based of life experiences and exploration. I am very excited to be a part of TDK team, connect with amazing creatives and make (sh)it happen!

Instagram: @syadayunos


Stockholm | Valentina Figueroa

Hej y’all! I’m Valentina, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator passionate about patterns, unexpectedly sexy colour palettes, delicious editorial design and all things illustration and I’m an amateur in 2d animation. I consider myself an artivist, and advocate for designing with responsibility and I always have an eye on design for social causes. Not too long ago I finished my second BA in Communication Design at the Berliner Technische Kunsthoschule and I’m currently based in Stockholm. I constantly find inspiration in the learning and exploration of the endless forms of art in cultures finding connections to my own cultural background of Venezuela. I am excited to get to know and share with all of you local talented and awesome humans!

Instagram: @gelatinna


Sydney | Beau Penton

Heya Sydney crew! I'm Beau. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator living in Sydney! Currently I'm working as an in-house designer for an international homewares company over in Bondi while also producing a range of small patches and pieces on my own. Outside of the design world you can normally catch me at a gig, a bar or out on the football pitches of Sydney! I'm a massive fan of TDK and love watching the group go from strength to strength in Sydney. Come on down and meet the crew!

Instagram: @beau__not


Tasmania | Loretta Jones & Isobel Clark

Loretta: Hey everyone! My names Loretta, and I’m a 20 year old design student living in Hobart, Tasmania. I’m currently studying an Associate Degree in Design at Foundry located on the beautiful waterfront. When I’m not studying you can find me drinking excessive amounts of coffee at different cafes around town, taking aesthetic photos and watering my huge family of plants. I’m absolutely stoked to be sharing the TDK Tasmania role with Isobel, and doing the Hobart meetups! I’d love to have you along for a cheeky bev to chat about the creative things in life and to share advice. I look forward to getting to you at the next #TDKtuesday meet up in Hobart. Isobel: Hi All! I’m Isobel, coming to you from the beautiful island state, Tasmania. I am a recent graduate of Foundry, having studied a diploma in Graphic Design in Launceston. I am now working as the sole graphic designer of an award winning local marketing firm, Kingthing Marketing. Where I am hoping to expand my skill set and learn more about the industry. When I’m not freelancing in my spare time, you can catch me exploring my island home, whether it be climbing a mountain, swimming in the ocean, or having a cheeky wine with friends and family. Design is everywhere, and I am always excited to be part of this ever evolving industry. I love to surround myself with creative people and am always eager to meet and hear from other like minded people. I hope to catch some of Tassie’s amazing talent, at the next TDKTuesday meet up in Launceston, to talk all things creative.

Instagram: @retjones, @isobelclarkdesign


Vancouver | Kara Fitzpatrick

Hello everyone, Kara here! While currently completing my Communication Design Essentials Certificate in partnership between Emily Carr University and BCIT, I've decided to take the helm of the TDK host position here in Vancouver. You may have seen me co-hosting at some of our past events which is why I'm thrilled to be able to continue on with TDK as the official host. As a free spirit at heart - I've never been able to stick to one thing for too long. In my travels before moving to Vancouver to study design I wore many different hats. I've spent some time up in the clouds climbing mountains, “slipped the surly bounds of earth”, travelled across countries and have made some self discoveries along the way. Through it all I had a drive for discovery and when I found design I realized it was the best way for me to be more creative, in a direct and human centered way. People are the core of why we design and being able to help other designers connect within our community brings me great satisfaction. I can't wait to help all of you connect with the potential of our great design community here in Vancouver!

Instagram: @kara.fitz


Wellington | Kelsey Gee

Kia Ora! I’m Kelsey, a fourth year honours student at CoCA Massey! I major in Visual Communication Design and am super passionate about designing for social good/social change. A lot of my work is print and branding based but I also love UX, UI and have been a professional photographer for quite a few years. I first started coming to TDK because I love to make connections and meet new people, so I’m super stoked to be hosting for Wellington! You can chat to me about networking, the creative industry, social enterprise, design, photography, Spanish (I’ll be impressed if you do it en Español), ballet, politics, running, travelling, food, food and much more food! Look forward to meeting you at our next event!

Instagram: @kelseyjgee

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Applications are now open for our 2018 City Host positions worldwide!

Want to be the host in your city!?
The role and the responsibilities of a city host are simple:

1. Add design events to our website calendar and facebook group.
2. Write a fortnightly intro (3 sentences) about what's happening in your city.
3. Organise our monthly meet-up #TDKtuesdays.


Advantages to being a city host:
1. We’ll share ALL our contacts in your city with you.
2. Reach out to industry peeps for something other than a job!
3. Free conference tickets.
4. A job title that opens doors.
5. Build the design industry around you.
6. 1000000x times easier to get a job when you know everyone!
7. Be the most connected person in your city.
8. Become a part of the TDK team.
9. Looks great on the resume.
10. Any other perks we can offer!

Is it paid?
Yes! Once we have a sponsor in your city, half the sponsorship money goes to you, and you can do whatever you like with it!


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    Our community is full of the best emerging talent, and a average price should be around half of that of a professional. Our community is full of the best talent, and a average price should be around $65 p/h.
  • (Please note the image we’ll use on Instagram will be of our choice and no necessarily from your company, but will be loosely linked to your ad, it will be the highest of standards and one which you will get the best results from our audiences with. Trust us, we’ve got this!)

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